Overfill Protection
Fibre Optic Sensors


Fibre Optic Overfill Probes FOT100

The FOT100 is a simple and lightweight fibre optic overfill protection sensor. It comes with 3.5 metres of fibre optic cable which can be easily lengthened using a fibre optic joiner. Standard construction of the sensor is aluminium body with glass sensing tip. Probe dimensions are the same as electronic optic sensors. The FOT100 operates in conjunction with the MPP1O2 and PPM3XX series monitors.



LPG Probe Housing Assembly FOL100

The FOL100 is a world first in providing fibre optic level detection for LPG road tankers. Built to be installed in a 50mm NPT socket at the top of the LPG road tanker, the housing incorporates a special sealing mechanism for the high pressure application, and a shear groove prevents loss of gas should the sensor housing be struck in, for example, a tanker rollover.

Complete with 8 meters of fibre optic cable, the FOT100 has wetted materials of glass, zinc plated steel and viton. It has no electrical components. The FOL1 00 operates in conjunction with the MPP1O2 monitor.  



Retained Product Sensors FOB100

The FOB100 is a fibre optic Retained Product Sensor sometimes referred to as a “belly sensor. Installed in the tank bottom, it works in conjunction with the MPP1O2 (1 only), PPM31O and PPM32O (up to 8 sensors per monitor), to detect the presence of retained fuel inside a compartment and prevent contamination and subsequently overfills as a result. A shear groove prevents loss of product if the sensor is hit during an accident. 



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