Honda Accredited Distributor

In Mozambique, Afritool is the exclusive distributor agent for:


This enables Afritool to service the national transport network, national fishing communities and respond to any power needs of the Mozambican business and governmental markets.

Honda motorbikes: Honda has been the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer for several years because Honda knows that motorcycles are a way of life. Honda motorcycles combine a high quality engine and a marvelous design. Our fastest lines are the ACE 125 (Taxi, Individual and Turf) and XL125.

Honda marine: Superior quality, reliability, technology, and fuel efficiency have made Honda an automotive legend. Honda’s reputation for reliable engines isn't just legendary - it's proven. Honda Marine provides the same exacting standards of quality and the same strengths in every Honda Marine outboard that means you can rest easy knowing you've got a dependable motor.

Honda power products: Honda's commitment to creating products that will improve the quality of people's lives is still one of the main focus. That is why Honda continues to be leader in development of water pumps (a variety of de-watering, multipurpose, commercial and submersible models), lawn mowers (push and self-propelled models), tillers (mini, mid and rear tine models) and generators (in models designed for residential, recreational, and industrial applications).

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