Emergency Relief: Food and Medication

Delivery without delay is of utmost importance during emergency conditions.

Afritool has evolved its corporate structure with the development of an extensive warehouse network throughout the South Eastern continent of Africa. These Warehouses keep in stock key emergency relief commodities and items for immediate delivery. Afritool's warehouse staff is fully trained to prepare any size and type of order for delivery to any destination within Central and Southern Africa - within a moment's notice.

A further link to the life saving operation is the supply of food and medication. Afritool supplies a wide range of medical equipment especially linked to cold-chain, blood safety and laboratory use.

In cooperation with local Southern African manufactures, Afritool can cater to any specifically designed kit for distribution to repatriates and displaced people.

This concept has been particularly successful in areas where distribution is a problem due to pilferage, and remote - almost inaccessible regions. Afritool's survival kits range from; basic cooking sets to kits encompassing a full range of items including: tools, seeds, clothing, kitchen hardware, blankets, food, soap and buckets, all securely packed, strapped and marked.

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