Trading House: General Import and Export

Afritool has over 30 years experience in African markets, and an extensive global sourcing network. Our thorough logistics throughout Southern Africa ensures that our goods arrive on time and delivered to even the most remote areas.

Afritool has delivered a large variety of goods (always for bulk purchasing) to countries all over the world and to most countries in Africa. Some of our global export clients include:

Americas Africa Europe & Middle East Asia
 Panama Angola Uganda Cyprus China 
 United States of America Democratic Republic of Congo Madagascar Germany  Hong Kong
 Brazil Rwanda Ethiopia Ukraine  Tokyo
  Botswana South Sudan Kazakhstan  Taiwan
  Swaziland Mali United Arab Emirates  Myanmar
  South Africa Seychelles    Indonesia
  Mozambique Mauritius    Malaysia
  Malawi Tanzania    Sri Lanka
  Zambia Burundi    Comoros
  Zimbabwe Namibia    
  Kenya Somalia    
Krost Shelving Mozambique

Krost Shelving and Racking In Mozambique has an excellent reputation because they not only offer top quality products, but also deliver excellent service and build relationships with clients. Krost Shelving and Racking takes your specific industry and space requirements into consideration and...

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